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Mr. Macaw Brazilian Coffee

Sunset Blend | Decaf Coffee

Sunset Blend | Decaf Coffee

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Picture this: an easy to drink, but flavourful, roast that mirrors the robust taste of traditional coffee. Our Sunset Blend is available in whole bean or ground and offers a similar taste to a medium roast coffee.

Swiss Water Process
Swiss Water Decaf ensures a pure, chemical-free decaffeination process, preserving the nuanced notes of the origin. Whether you choose the convenience of ground or the whole beans, the flavour remains intact.

Note: Decaffeinated coffees contain approximately 5mg - 10mg of caffeine per cup, although they are considered 'caffeine-free' according to industry standards. While this amount is negligible for regular coffee, tea, or chocolate consumers, individuals with a heightened sensitivity to caffeine should seek advice from their trusted healthcare professional.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take?

For most orders in Southern Ontario, shipping takes 1-3 business days.

Do you have a value deal?

Yes! Our coffee is also available in bundles of 3 at our best possible rate. Check out the bundles section of our "shop" page to explore.

I am looking to buy coffee for my business, do you sell in bulk?

Yes! We have an entire wholesale program available to businesses. We offer coffee from all around the world including organic and fairtrade.